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What is your longest PMDG 777 route you have flown.

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It basically what the title says, what is your longest route you have flown on the T7. 

You can also include what future routes you will or want to fly on the T7.

Mine is EDDF-VHHH for now. I am flying cargo haul using AirHauler.

My future routes will be KJFK-YSSY, KJFK-WSSS, EGLL-YSSY and vice versa.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to Perth Australia. CYHZ-YPPH, 10,025 nm in ~21:00 hrs. I had a (very) light load and used real-world winds from ActiveSky Next. I landed on fumes - less than 3,000lbs total in tanks! Got lucky with the winds else I would never have made it. :)

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