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i think that when it comes to switching to fsx from fs9, there are positives and negatives. the positives would of course be better autogen, weather, and also a better looking ocean. some more positives also include, the pmdg 777, and ngx, aerosoft airbus x, active sky next, orbx scenery, flightbeam scenery, flytampa toronto, and copenhagen, and more fsx only sceneries.


of course the negitives would be that the performance in fs9 is way better than fsx. not only that, but fsx seams to be prone to this thing called the "OOM".


im an fs9 user and have tried using fsx. im also likely to get a new pc in a few months, and the only reason i plan on using fsx is because of the fsx only addons.


i think that the negitives outweigh the positives (unless your obsessed with the 777). after all, i never get this so-called "OOM" 



if every addon for fsx was available in fs9, i think that the fs9 user base would be a lot higher.


the only reason people say fs9 is dead, is because of those addons that are only available in fsx

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ahhh, stop crying fs9 users, face it... it's over... move on or stay. I don't care. Just stop asking for new sceneries. 


Since I am a FSX User too, I'm not that happy if Taxi2Gate would start working on every airport they haven't made for FS9 so far, because that would be time in which they could do a new airport...

But still it's not okay to talk in such a rude language but instead argument like a normal person and not like a small child!

You have to understand that these people invested quite a bit of money in their sim and you can't just throw away a pimped FS9 at a value of 400€+!

So keep that in mind, it is an open discussion here for every one and so should you behave!


Greetings, GRP

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Hello folks!

I'm user of the FS9 and FSX and even having a PC that is able to run the FSX, i'm still flying with FS9. In my opinion, with good add ons, it is near to FSX in graphics being lighter.

I'd like to ask for the Taxi2Gate development, relaunch LTBA at least, in a FS9 version. We don't have any good scenery for Istambul Airport in FS9. Only LTBA!!! Please!!!


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