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AES compatibility available soon

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Merry Christmas Sir.


In July I posted a request in the appropriate Aerosoft AES forum suggesting O. Pabst provide compatibility for the FS9 version of LFLL.  Others have agreed such it is now identified as a "Popular Post."  It is forbidden under Oliver's rules to issue reminders in that forum.  Therefore I wonder whether you, as developer,  could take this issue up with Oliver directly?


Many thanks.

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sorry for the late answer...I was in contact with Oliver when Lyon X was released and after adaptating AES to Lyon, he asked me to tell him when Lyon fs9 would be ready.


But I forgot to send him an email for fs9 release...


I think you'll be glad to hear that an order of Lyon fs9 was made from him on 27 october  2014... ;)


We have now to wait because he may not give a release date. :)

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