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Finnair - Boeing 757-200 - Stockholm Arlanda - Helsinki Vantaa

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Recently acquired the Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Last evening I decided to do a test flight in the aircraft, hence why most of the systems are configured wrong!


Aircraft: Captain Sim Boeing 757-200 v4.6

Scenery: Aerosoft Mega Airport Stockholm, Aerosoft Mega Airport Helsinki and ORBX FTX Global

Weather: N/A (Fair Weather theme)

Environment: REX Essentials.


Enjoy and leave feedback. :)


Lined up and ready for take-off. Never really sure how the first take-off roll will go!



Airborne and climbing to FL320 for cruise.



Cruising over the Baltic sea.



Beginning decent, was informed by some that the CS VNAV was dodgy but it worked perfectly fine on this occasion.



Amazing sky textures!



Another image of great sky textures.



Gear down.



On Final, with a speed of 128KNOTS! :o



Everything looking good for touchdown.



A smooth touchdown, but with a high flare.



Speedbrakes and reverse thrust.



Parked at gate.



It was a very but very enjoyable flight and I am not quite sure why some people are so eager to put down the Captain Sim 757. I found it very enjoyable to fly and have no problems with it. 

Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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