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Twitch Page - V1.5

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I wanted to let you know that we have released our NEW Twitch Page where you can see real time LIVE flight information. Heck it out and let me know what you think.




Change Log:

[1.1.0 - 10/12/2013]
ADDED FPS tracker
UPDATED formatting
FIXED many display issues
FIXED many php errors
FIXED various bugs
[1.0a - 09/12/2013]
UPDATED various java and css files to reduce file size to reduce server load where nessecary
FIXED error where a comma [,] wouldn't appear when number in the thousands
[1.0 - 09/12/2013]
ADDED functionality for live streaming of FSX data
ADDED brand new live flight info set-up
CHANGED various logos, artwork to fit with the slight design change
CHANGED clock posistion and reduced server load by calling only one java script
CHANGED how twitch information is refreshed and fixed a few PHP errors resulting in a high load
REDUCED file sizes wherever possible to reduce server load
FIXED bugs regarding missing text and server issues
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We have just released V1.2 of our Twitch Page! 


[V1.2] Change Log:


ADDED Live Map (Map flashes while it reloads the data. We are working on a fix)

ADDED tab for Live Map
ADDED behind the scene enhancements
FIXED final bugs for moving aicraft
FIXED file_get_contents error when ICAO didn't exist in NOAA weather database
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ADDED brand new Mobile Page [Current version 0.6a]
ADDED new PHP to automatically direct users viewing from a tablet / mobile to the Mobile site
ADDED possibility to link back from mobile site to desktop site even if user is using a mobile / tablet
ADDED new image for mobile site
CHANGED some core coding within index.php to ensure mobile site updates correctly
CHANGED various images to display images better on Retna displays [still work in progress for version 1.3.5]
FIXED various bugs when adding new mobile site
FIXED issue with overlapping aircraft icon on text if flight percentage was 99.6%
FIXED instances of too many files in one place - tidied up directories
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