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Problem LTBA

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Another fantastic airport from Taxi2Gate.


Afcad question,


Some gate sizes are to big which results in wing crossing from two aircraft or with the nose in the jetway (Gate 204 A333 aircraft).


Have the ADE9X Afcad programme, can I use this to alter the gate size/alter airline codes without getting issues like default scenery showing.


If possible which is the best method to alter the file, use an Afcad copy in a folder outside the FlightSim, alter the file then give it the original name before putting back in


the LTBA folder?

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Does anyone have it running in p3d v2.1 already?

The tires of my aircraft were "sinking" in the concrete of the rwy. Also in the midle of the runway while the take off run, the whole plane sank in to the ground like there where no rwy at all.


Maybe we can sort this litel problem out together.


Best Regards,


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Hi, could you explain the problem please, i cant see the problem, in pictures 2 i dont see something wrong and in first one i see a line or something there but if you could give us closer pics and explain it would be nice, thanks.




Hi here i send another photo.



It looks like 2 black lines cames from to model static aircraft. http://s1.postimg.org/pjiy9jvfz/Untitled.png


How can i remove this static aircraft




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