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LTBA and DX10

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Hi Together,


since today i`m proud owner of LTBA :) 


But i tried today 4 times to land at ltba and everythime shortly before i land ( 2 miles) before the runway fsx crashes. 


Also i tried the oposite way and tried to takeoff from ltba also crash but this time wile taxiing to the runway. 


Are there any known issiues with DX10 ? 


I use also Dubai from flytampa and eddm from aerosoft and a lot of other but nevery my system crashes.  


So the only idea i have is maybe the Scenery or Istanbul has tooo much buildings. But i allready tried to set the autogen density down to dense with no success :( 


hope you have a tip for me



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So you r experiencing a CTD and not a OoM message... right?  I know no known issues with DX10.  Be sure you perform a Disk Cleanup in your All programs/Accessories/system tools of your CPU.  Sometimes you may have a significant amount of data in error reports/temp files etc, that exhaust your system resources and create Program CTDs when hitting intense thresholds.   I clean this once a week sometimes more depending on my frequency with FSX.

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Correct no oom. Crash to Desktop without any specific error message.

The only thing i mentioned was that 2.4 gb graphics ram are used. Thats a very high amount usualy fsx takes about 1.4 gb.

I will try the cleanup and report back


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