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Prepar3D Tweaking?

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No tweaking on this one mate. :lol: I know you're missing it from FSX, but after reading numerious topics, P3D2 works best in vanilla (default) state without any tweaking, even nvidia inspector is not welcome.


Why do you want to tweak it?

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There isn't so much a need to tweak P3D, as it is to get it to play nice with add-ons.  For example, P3D stock handles PAPI lights rather well, but add in some third party scenery and you can see those PAPI lights from 100nm away and they get worse as you get closer.  There is a tweak to scale the lighting overall and makes it easier on the eyes, which is this:


Granted, you can change the values to suit your taste.
I have found that some of the old, tried and true FSX tweaks do work in P3D and as far as whether they do any good is up to interpretation, based on an individual users system, in other words, YMMV.  Blurries appear to be an issue, based on your framerates, which of course has been a long standing argument in the community.  I found that inserting and setting the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=XXXXX tweak, does some good, but I am still testing it in P3D 2.5, and so far, it's a mixed bag of results.  Again, that tweak doesn't necessarily hurt the sim functionality and stability, just makes the textures load quicker so you can avoid seeing blurries while overtop your scenery in flight.
As for nVidia Inspector settings, I use those as well, but sparingly.  Again, YMMV and there are a few folks out on the net who share their settings they use.
All in all, it cannot hurt to try out some teaks as long as you back up your original files.  Someone on Youtube posted a rather procedural way of inserting tweaks into FSX (the same can hold true for P3D as well).  Basically, add one tweak, fire up the sim, fly it for about a minute or two and if the sim doesn't crash, then you have a winner and continue on to the next tweak.
Hopefully, that gives you some food for thought.

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