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Calum Martin

Taxi2Gate - Pointe-A-Pitre International (TFFR) Airport

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When Taxi2Gate announced that they would be releasing Pointe-A-Pitre, located on the Caribbean island of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, everyone was a little shocked it would be released so soon. Announced on a gloomy Monday morning, the package went live on Wednesday evening. Immediately everyone rushed to download it to see if it matched the quality of their recent release, Istanbul. So far, I am equally, if not more impressed.


TFFR is in a fantastic location, and an interesting airport. Situated in the Caribbean, Taxi2Gate return back to where some of their earliest work originated. Seeing nearly 2.5 million passengers a year, it makes it the second busiest airport in the Lesser Antilles, which is just behind Barbados’ Grantly Adams International Airport. The airport is capable of housing the A380 and with frequent Air France flights taking place, it’s a great chance to try a somewhat challenging approach for the big bird.





tffr_03.jpg  tffr_04.jpg


tffr_05.jpg  tffr_06.jpg


tffr_07.jpg  tffr_08.jpg


tffr_09.jpg  tffr_10.jpg


tffr_11.jpg  tffr_12.jpg


tffr_13.jpg  tffr_14.jpg


tffr_15.jpg  tffr_16.jpg


tffr_17.jpg  tffr_18.jpg


tffr_19.jpg  tffr_20.jpg


tffr_21.jpg  tffr_22.jpg



As you circle around the airport’s northerly runway, high terrain blocks you from a straight in approach. Instead, you need to fly through various waypoints to avoid the danger, circling from left to right – during the right (or wrong) weather conditions, this could be a case of cloud-dodging from approach to landing (or even result in a go-around). As you do swoon in for the final approach, you’ll either come in from over the sea, or glide past huge amounts of forestation underneath you. Even as you roll down the runway, your wings will almost be brushing the surrounding vegetation.


It’s obvious that this is a Taxi2Gate scenery package – they have a very distinct art direction. It’s certainly not a negative, as they manage to blend just enough artistic flare and realism to provide clear, crisp and clean visuals which balance perfectly in the world of Flight Sim. I am a big fan of their art direction. The clarity between apron, taxiway, runway and landscaping is so well executed that it makes it a joy to just taxi around aimlessly looking for the next surprise they have in store for you. It’s so colourful, yet very realistic.


Something that also really impresses me, is the ways in which these guys manage to breathe new leases of life into their scenery. In this instance, it’s the wild life and shrubbery that really immerse you into their airport. Birds are flying around the airport constantly, just as they would in a real Caribbean airport, palm trees, bushes and foliage sprawl from all around the airport and through the cracks in the runway and taxiways. It’s so refreshing to see a developer not only focus on the realism of an airport, but also the atmosphere.



tffr_23.jpg  tffr_24.jpg


tffr_25.jpg  tffr_26.jpg


tffr_27.jpg  tffr_28.jpg


tffr_29.jpg  tffr_30.jpg


tffr_31.jpg  tffr_32.jpg


tffr_33.jpg  tffr_34.jpg


tffr_35.jpg  tffr_36.jpg


tffr_37.jpg  tffr_38.jpg


tffr_39.jpg  tffr_40.jpg


tffr_41.jpg  tffr_42.jpg


tffr_43.jpg  tffr_44.jpg


tffr_45.jpg  tffr_46.jpg


tffr_47.jpg  tffr_48.jpg



 Not only does the airport have frequent visitors from big airliners, it also serves as a hub to one of the Caribbean’s biggest island hopper and air mail airlines. Frequently using the diverse Twin Otter, it gives Simmers the chance to do small trips around the island flying at low altitude. Whilst Taxi2Gate didn’t recreate the whole island, it’s still a wonderful opportunity to try a challenging and somewhat different approach and landing for the little aeroplane.


Backtracking a little and heading back to the quality of modelling and texture work, the team have put in, the terminal buildings and surrounding housing looks as impressive as ever. Air-bridges move with the CTRL+J key and connect nicely to your aircraft of choice. As you check the load sheets and program the autopilot, you’ll notice that the inside of the terminal buildings are also nicely modelled. It’s a great perk that helps immerse you even further into TFFR.



tffr_49.jpg  tffr_50.jpg


tffr_51.jpg  tffr_52.jpg


tffr_53.jpg  tffr_54.jpg


tffr_55.jpg  tffr_56.jpg


tffr_57.jpg  tffr_58.jpg


tffr_59.jpg  tffr_60.jpg


tffr_61.jpg  tffr_62.jpg


tffr_63.jpg  tffr_64.jpg


tffr_65.jpg  tffr_66.jpg


tffr_67.jpg  tffr_68.jpg


tffr_69.jpg  tffr_70.jpg


tffr_71.jpg  tffr_72.jpg


tffr_73.jpg  tffr_74.jpg



As dawn approaches, and the low Caribbean sun presides over the airport, the night lighting really takes pride of place in Taxi2Gate’s latest work. The terminal buildings light up elegantly and the runway and approach lights, flash, strobe and flicker just like the real thing. Taxiway signs are lit up beautifully and the aprons are fully lit, just as you would expect in real life.


It is astonishing to see how well the teams at Taxi2Gate work. The quality certainly hasn’t suffered and the surprise release have really set Taxi2Gate apart from the rest. TFFR sits amongst one of my favourite airports to fly into – with its diverse range of airlines, challenging approaches and high terrain. I would even go as far to see it’s an airport I prefer over Saint Marteen. An exceptional job from an exceptional developer, makes it an absolute must buy and one you’ll find new and interesting ways to fly into each time.


tffr_75.jpg  tffr_76.jpg


tffr_77.jpg  tffr_78.jpg


tffr_79.jpg  tffr_80.jpg


tffr_81.jpg  tffr_82.jpg


tffr_83.jpg  tffr_84.jpg


tffr_85.jpg  tffr_86.jpg


tffr_87.jpg  tffr_88.jpg


tffr_89.jpg  tffr_90.jpg


tffr_91.jpg  tffr_92.jpg





Purchase Taxi2Gate's Pointe-A-Pitre Airport

My Specs: 

Processor - 3.5GHz Intel Core i5-3770K Ivy Bridge (OVERCLOCKED TO 4.8GHz)
RAM - 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 2133 (PC3 12800)
GPU - GeForce GTX 780 FTW 3GB GDDR5
Mother Board - ASUS P8Z77-V LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
Hard Drives - 2 x 128gb OCZ SSD + 2 x 1tb 7200RPM HDD
Operating System - Windows 7 (64-bit)


Add-ons Used In Screenshots: 

Scenery - Taxi2Gate's Pointe-A-Pitre Airport

Aircraft - Aerosoft's Twin Otter / PMDG's 777LR/F X
Utilities - REX4 Textures, Active Sky Next, SteveFX DX10 Fixer (Also tested with DX9), FTX Global

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