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Juan Santamaria Intl Airport-San Jose Costa Rica

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Hey guys, 


We would like to announce one of our upcoming scenery´s currently in development, Juan Santamaria Intl Airport located in San Jose,Costa Rica. 

It will only be available for FSX and P3D. We will soon announce its features and more previews in this topic. stay tuned.




Dreamflight Studios 



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Any update for us....

I know you had intimated that your two Costa Rican. scenery would be released, but we've received your other works before them...just inquiring


Btw love both of your releases


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This would be great indeed!


May I ask how development is proceeding? I've seen Puerto Plata was announced some time after the 2 Costa Rican airports, but was released only shortly after that if I got things right. So I've wondered how far San Jose and Liberia are developed now.

All I can say is I'm really interested in those airports too, and I would certainly buy some more Sim stuff for Costa Rica if you developed any, especially if I see and read about the quality of your Puerto Plata scenery.

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