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OTHH - Hamad Intl Airport


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Oh yeah the yellow signs are gone but with the highest mesh setting thing look like this, though i use mesh 5 because of FSDT and Flightbeam airports, so it looks worse than this.


Thanks for all your hard work and i'm just loving your new airport!


Best regrds




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Hi guys, please test this last update, we fix some other things:

Some red points on the city.
Crash zones when landing or take off on runways.
Add ATC Frequencies
Side walls of tunnels where appear yellow gate sign texture
Taxisigns Flickering
Separated GATES (parking line far from gate)
Gate sign wrong from A9 position
Gate c3 and c5 dont have A380 jetways
Position D5 and D7 dashed lines
E & G positions change the title - A & B to L & R
Missed "no entry" marks
Apron Y big tires markings
Dissapeared gate signs


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Couple of questions, would appreciate if anyone could help. I download the OTHH and I like everything i see, I star changing the "ai traffic" from OTBD to OTHH which is a process... I couldn't resist and took a small flight and everything looks great except for the fact that there is no tower or ATC, all I get is "traffic advisory" The name of the airport was OTHH on the clearance from Dubai and no Doha or similar and finally no ground ATC...Did I do anything wrong. I previously had the free OTHH but I had all the ATC service as if it was OTBD and didn't even had to change the "ai traffic"

As I said I would appreciate your help

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Excellent Work yet again T2G Team...I'm just loving this.  I'm currently flying to and from OTHH to OMDBv2, PMDG T7, Activesky next, REX4, TFX GLobal, DX10 and Night environment Dubai and sitting pretty with VAS at 2.7.  AI set at 56% / 25% using UTII and its smooth as butter.  Keep em comin!!! I look forward to VHHH...man you guys are quick and Gooooodddd!!!!  What else can I buy from you in between the Mega Scenery :)...no don't tell me..surprise...I head back over to LTBA and KMCO...some long flights...so you should have something for me on my return to Doha :)))

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Chusair also  has asked the question about not being able to open the RAR file.


Is it that hard for Taxi2Gate to make a RAR and a Win Zip file with the up-dates.


A forum founder says "@christiaan Works fine for me."


Is there a simple method which is not known by everyone?


All my downloads, like Avsim,  come with a WinZip file.


I am not a computer expert.

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in reference to the "installer" that you mention for FSX are we, the current user, going to receive notification? Also I would appreciate if anyone could please seriously reply to my inquire. Part of buying a payware is to be able to get a "bug free" and supported product and I have a couple of questions regarding the jetbridge and not been able to use then. I see on some pictures that they do actually move so why I am not able to use then is something I am unable to understand. One more time I would appreciate some support...

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I have to say that I am totally disappointing with this purchase. It is not the product per se, it is the support and  the service that you get when you have a product that is evolving with some serious issues that have not been resolve.

The Positive: I love the graphics and it is a great recreation of the new OTHH Airport


The Negative: Customer support, my jetbridge (FSX) do not work when CTR+J is press as it should, the aiport Traffic ATC is not well modeled to reflect appoach, departure and grown ATC service, that one I got fixed through someone that posted a "zip" file that worked fine and that resolved some of the issues and customized the airport parking a little better to serve ai traffic into and out the airport...finally I find extremely confusing the way the have made the update. I don't know what is in the update, what file to download and frankly I am totally lost...


You expect certain level of perfection and at least of service when you pay for something. At this point I feel totally scammed. I am sorry to say it so straightforward but that is the way I feel after a week requesting support. I f you need to contact me my e-mail is chusair@gmail.com



Carlos A Sanchez

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The jetways work perfect, i dont know what is your problem, even i answer you some posts before, i ask you something, you need to read please, about the update, simmarket send all customers an email talking about update, just download the installer from simmarket again and that will be the updated version, thanks.

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