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multiplayer problem

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In multiplayer- FSX I cannot see anyone else I am flying with. They can see me.\


Yes- firewall accepts FSx. Yes- I have dmz open.


Being flynig on this particular site for a couple of years. suddenly in teh past couple of months I now have this problem.


I took out fsx.cfg and the txt and let FSX rebuild the cfg.... same problem.


I found some kind of multiplayer.dll, and I had a friend send me his..... same problem.


could this be a problem with  simconnect?


BTW- If I switch over to FS9  everything is fine. But then FS9 handles multiplayer differently.


With FSX I use FShost. I've tried other sites - same.


Interesting info---->  I start and join a site with FShost. Other players are there. the print for each player is in black font. I start FSX. When FSX is loaded and starts.... everyone's print chagnes to red in FShost... saying something like could not load xxx's plae- switching to default... "


This does not happen until I go to an airport where a player actually is. Hope I don't have to reinstall FSx. Might have to. Ideas? Bob


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Yep- It's starting to look like that. I'll save out my addon's and sceneries. The only thing I cna now think of is it must be something I did or clicked on. let's ee... what were the last few hundred things I did before this happened? hahahaha!

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