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PMDG 777-300 Walk Trough Amazing Graphics Must Watch

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Hi Calum,
Thank you so much,
My specs are as follows 
Intel I7 4770K @ 3.9ghz i can OC it to 4.5ghz but i intend to leave it around 3.9ghz
Ram: 16gb 
HDD 1TB standard
Graphics card Gigabyte GTX 660ti
Watercooler H80i

as for the ENB im using the

ENB 24hr_v1.1
Download link : http://www.custom3dgraphics.com/fs/enb_24hr_v1_1.zip
dont use sweetfx or shades
and as for the sky texture i use REX4
and the theme is SKY DAY Fair

hope this helps :)

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I would love to go back to ENB as there's a lot more pre-sets available. I have to use SweetFX as the ENB DLL file wont work with DX9.


Excellent work again buddy. Will keep that REX theme in mind!


I have mine clocked to 4.8 and if you can keep yours stable at the higher clock, you may as well leave it. When you're not using FSX or pushing your PC, it'll idle at 1.6 anyway so it wont cause any issues. Been at 4.8 for like a year with no issues :) *touchwood*

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