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Elevation problem

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Hi ,Paterferto is correct, there is a conflict with Vector. The guys at ORBX have not performed a fix for this airport yet, probably because the airport is so new and also doesn't directly effect their product line at the moment. OTBD is not an option in their 'Airport elevation corrections', hence it probably is not an issue. The airport elevation does not agree with that of the AF2 file, hence only some of the T2G OTHH show along with the FSX default textures associated with the AF2 file. One of the main textures missing is that of the 'dirt' running along the centre of each taxiway and the aprons.


I have made a temporary fix by flattening out the airport and elevating it to 4 ft higher than that stated in the AF2 (AF2=13.1 ft, new airport elevation = 17.1 ft) file using Airport Design Editor X. This seems to work well and all T2G OTHH textures show, but it will definitely need to be addressed in future updates.

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