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FSX + SweetFX + DX10


Taken some 40 miles south of Landshut, my destination and home airport for all my GA flying.

This was the final leg from quite a journey over Europe (Landshut -> Ljubljana -> Split -> Tivat -> Belgrade -> Graz -> Landshut). Lasted for 3 weeks with few days breaks at every city.



























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Not hard, just copy the files to FSX root. You can't mess up FSX with it. Yeah it's complatible with DX10 and the Fixer. Only thing it's not compatible with is triple screen setup. I can share my SweetFX preset if you wish.

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SweetFX 1.5.1 (latest):



My preset that I'm using in FSX (like on screenshots):



Unpack the archive to your FSX folder (root), and copy/replace my SweetFX_settings.txt


If you find it maybe too bright, I will explain how to adjust the exposure, colouring, etc.


After you find your sweetspot preset, you will hate pale, dark, unsaturated tone of default FSX. Well, I hate it, and can't fly without SweetFX anymore.


Oh yes, almost forgot, you can disable/enable sweetfx in FSX with Scroll Lock key, and refresh preset (after adjusting in txt file) with Pause/Break key.



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