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Calum Martin

Aerosoft Night Environment British Isles

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Aerosoft are always providing Flight Sim users new experiences. Be it from the excellent Airbus range of products they have produced or the countless number of fantastic scenery packages.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, Aerosoft have released a new kind of package that covers vast amounts of area with brand new night lighting. This doesn’t fix the awful FSX lighting inside the engine, but does provide areas with new ground based light fixtures. Appropriately named, Night Environment adds a whole new dimension to local areas. Let’s delve deeper to see if it sparks new life into FSX or needs to fade away into the night.



night_1.jpg  night_2.jpg


night_3.jpg  night_4.jpg
night_5.jpg  night_6.jpg


The night lighting within FSX has never amounted to anything particularly pretty. With literally thousands of miles of road and other street lights, it would seem almost impossible to be able to track down and place each light individually. Luckily for us, the team at Aerosoft have discovered an effecicant way of depicting data and converting lifeless roads and giving them sparks of life. With a huge variety of different light features and effects, there’s a diverse look for each city, village and major motorway or road.


Cities are truly brought to life with Night Environment. Suddenly they are no longer dull and grey as you fly past them on approach into their nearby airport. It’s not the most detailed of lighting, but to cover such a huge range of land is quite the feat. The orange and yellow glow off of the older lights and the white lights from newer buildings create a collage of vibrance that is only enhanced further by adding bloom lighting. In most scenarios, adding bloom will blend the colours together to create a truly night-time experience.


Because of the accuracy of the placement of the lights, Aerosoft have now made it possible to truly simulate VFR night flying. Wanted by many, and now possible, you will be able to boot up your favourite plane and jump from landmark to landmark, following roads and paths during the night. It adds a new dimension to night flying for both IFR and VFR, so all flight simmers can get their teeth sunk in.

In terms of performance, this is where things become hit and miss for many. 


night_7.jpg  night_8.jpg

night_11.jpg  night_12.jpg


night_13.jpg  night_14.jpg



With so many different ground texture developers out there, Aerosoft must’ve had a hard time figuring out how to accommodate to so many different variations. Luckily, they’ve catered for those that use Photo Real scenery as well as ORBX or GEX products. By switching the level in which you wish to use the lights is incredibly easy. Simply turning on or off your selected levels will re-load the lights into your sim. After a few minutes of configuration, you’ll eventually find something that works for you.


Of course, like with anything in the Flight Sim World. The higher your settings, the more resources it will take from you PC. Of course, the high the settings, the better looking your night flying will look. It’s a hard balance to adjust to, but I found the number of options available will accommodate to anyone. Base+Level 0+Level 3 is ideal for those who don’t want default FSX lights and use ORBX products. This is truly high end and will impact you a lot. However, all those options are adjustable in 3 levels giving you maximum flexibility.



night_15.jpg  night_16.jpg
night_17.jpg night_18.jpg
night_19.jpg  night_20.jpg




It’s difficult to describe a product like Night Environment apart from saying it enhances your night time flying. It does exactly what it says on the tin, with minimal fuss. The array of configuration options means anyone can give it a go without seeing too much of a performance drain. It looks fantastic in action (my screenshots don’t do it justice due to the way FSX takes night shots) and really adds to the immersion of Flight Sim. Split into multiple regions, and with many more to come, there’ll be something for everyone. The low-cost, the amount of coverage and the detail added, it’s hard to not recommend Night Environment to anyone.




4/5  |  Developer: Aerosoft  |  Publisher: Aerosoft   |   Price: 13.95EUR




A healthy investment to spruce up your night-life in FSX. With many options to configure and change depending on your system, it really is a platform for anyone to use. Great look lights that allow you to even fly at night VFR is truly revolutionary within FSX. Great Britain is a great place to start, but with many more regions to choose from, there is something for everyone.


+ Millions of lights make the night come alive.

+ Good performance despite the increase in lights.


- Having to turn the feature off for day flying.

- Be nice to see specific building lights. 

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