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Possible CTD on depart from OTHH

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Good day T2G

Not sure if this issue is inherent to OTHH but allow me to elaborate.

I've had no issue flying into OTHH in the pmdg T7 from flytampa Dubai or Imaginesim ZSPD. Ai traffic by UT2 set at 60% commercial 30% GA. Ftx Global, Vector, autogen = dense , all other sliders max except water 2xlow

So what's the issue

Well, I recently set a flight plan thru PFPX from OTHH to UUDD using Aerosoft airbus x extended A321.

Departing from OTHH gate B6, taxied to 16L with starting waypoints

1513 ALVEN BONAN RAMKI. after wheels up and turning right to intercept ALVEN, FSX abruptly shuts down. It did this twice. ( not sure if it was due to a missing AI repaint or AC. So i decided on the third try to program into the flight plan the starting waypoint towards Dubai, since the previous flight i had no issue. Well from 16L 1513 ALSEM RAMKI - I've had success.

So I ask can you look into the ( 1513 ALVEN BONAN RAMKI.) flight path to see if you can duplicate my issue.


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